I have a great passion for animals, in particular dogs, and am very excited to have gained Certification from the NAC (Natural Animal Centre) as a NAC Bach Flower Remedies Animal Practitioner, and am also registered with the Bach Centre as an Animal Practitioner.

Animals have emotions too, and The Bach Flower Remedies have been used to help many different animals of all shapes and sizes since the remedies have been in existence.  In fact, Dr. Bach had a spaniel called "Lulu" who was treated with some of the remedies from time to time, and Nora Weeks (Dr. Bach's colleague and successor) had a series of cats that were too given the remedies.  The way they gently help to emotionally balance animals when they have negative feelings is quite remarkable. 


The NAC is one of very few teaching centres in the world who use positive reinforcement exclusively.  This belief system fits very closely with the underlying principle of Dr Bach's system, as it, in itself, perpetuates healthy and emotionally balanced animals. 


It's been a fascinating journey, and I am excited to continue on the path to actively help animals as well as humans every day.

Please note:  In terms of UK law, all Bach Flower Remedy Animal Practitioners must work under vet referral.

"When we have given freedom to every creature, everything around us, then we are free ourselves" - Dr. Edward Bach 1932

Picture of Wendy-Jane and her beagle Amber in the poppy fields

Bach Flower Remedies for Animals