About the Consultation

Your emotional healing journey begins with a totally confidential conversation between us where we discuss your current emotions and feelings, and the reasons why you might be feeling out of balance.  We then look at the flower remedies, and together we decide which may be appropriate for you.  It is ultimately your decision which flower remedies are chosen, as it is important that you resonate, connect and feel comfortable with them.  I am here to guide and ultimately teach you how to use the system yourself.

Your personal flower remedy mix will then be prepared, and you may wish to prepare this yourself with my guidance.  Please be aware that the stock remedies I use contain brandy.  Also, a small amount of brandy is added to your remedy bottle to act as a preservative.  Although brandy is Dr Bach's preferred preservative, glycerine or cider vinegar can be used instead if you prefer.  For those who are very sensitive to alcohol or do not take alcohol due to religious reasons, there are alcohol free stock remedies available.  I do not keep these in stock, but would be more than happy to order these for an additional charge. The remedy bottle lasts approximately 3 weeks, and during this time you will be welcome to contact me to let me know how you are feeling, and I will be more than happy to offer you support and guidance. 

A follow-up consultation is recommended after 3 weeks.  We would discuss any changes that you have experienced, and whether we need to repeat the same mix or tweak the original.


Initial consultation approx 60 mins - £35

To include 30 ml bottle personal flower remedy mix

Follow-up consultation approx 30 mins - £20 

To include 30 ml bottle personal flower remedy mix

Initial consultation ONLY - approx 60 mins - £30 

(NO personal flower remedy mix supplied)

Follow-up consultation ONLY - approx 30 mins - £15 

(NO personal flower remedy mix supplied)

Flower remedy mix ONLY - in 30 ml bottle

Collected in person - £10

Posted to UK address - £15

Cancellation notice:

Please note - without 48 hours' notice of cancellation I reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee.


Online Bach Flower Assessment


In order to comply with the current regulations of safe social distancing, I am no longer able to provide face-to-face consultations, until further notice.  This is disappointing as it is normal practice to meet a client in person to discuss their emotional state and how the Bach Flower Remedies can help.

This pandemic and lock down can make us feel like our emotions are all over the place.  There are lots of people overwhelmed, suffering from stress, anxiety, loneliness, fear, panic and grief, to name but a few.  It is frustrating that consultations cannot take place at the moment, as The Bach Flower Remedies have been proven to gently soothe the negative emotions that disrupt the body’s equilibrium as a whole.  In a nutshell, the Remedies can help us all get through this challenging time.

I have been giving some thought as to how I can help those with emotional issues and spread the word about this safe and natural method of healing; at the same time complying with the current regulations.

I have devised a BACH FLOWER REMEDY ASSESSMENT QUESTIONNAIRE from which, when completed, and following further clarification from the client, I will be able to select various suitable remedies.  When I am confident that I have gathered sufficient information, I will then make up a personal mix of remedies in a treatment bottle for the client.

Rest assured these remedies are prepared under scrupulous conditions.  Brand new, freshly sterilised bottles and equipment are used for each client.

The treatment bottle lasts for approximately 3 weeks, and I invite the client to contact me during this time to let me know how they are getting on.  At the 3 week stage, there will be an option to have a follow-up discussion and a new treatment bottle with the same or different remedies as appropriate, for which there is a reduced charge.

It should be noted that the aim of a Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner is to teach a client how to choose the remedies for themselves. 

Treatment bottles can either be posted to the client, or collected, at a safe distance, for those local to me in Truro, Cornwall.

I appreciate that a lot of people are dealing with financial stress and anxiety at the moment, and therefore I am offering this service at an extremely reasonable cost.

Charges are as follows:

  • Bach Flower Remedy Assessment, via an online questionnaire, to include a discussion on the most appropriate remedies for you, and a personal mix of remedies in a 30 ml treatment bottle:

       £15     (Bottle collected)

       £20     (Bottle posted – UK only)

  • Follow-up Assessment, and a further personal mix of remedies in a 30 ml treatment bottle:

       £10     (Bottle collected)

       £15     (Bottle posted – UK only)

Payment will be required before I start to analyse your questionnaire.  I will send you a link and invoice electronically to enable you to make a secure card payment.